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Companies like MyGate have already experimented with issuing individual passes in partnership with the police. However, they haven’t been able to work out an optimal solution yet. “When we opened it for one minute, we had 16,000 requests,” said DCP Anucheth. “Such a thing would defeat the purpose of social distancing.” One way to go … Read more

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Police authorities from Telangana and Kerala, too, have approached the Karnataka Police for this solution, according to DCP Anucheth. Arisetty is confident that MyGate has built a scalable solution. “The API integrations will mean seamless pass issuance in other states too,” he said. If the administrations give the go-ahead, MyGate can roll out the new … Read more

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Even if you remove this patriotic prism, there’s no doubt this is an opportunity of a lifetime for MyGate. Free movement of supplies in cities has been the single biggest pain point for companies and users alike. “In Bengaluru, we couldn’t do deliveries in the Sarjapur area because the police said the passes weren’t right,” … Read more

This paper will go into more detail about the impact Innsruption has had on their partners in the various industries they work with through our innovative technologies

“Since three days or so, it’s been especially busy during lunch hour,” Yudi told The Ken, as he waited for his order at the GrabKitchen counter. “Drivers pack in here. The wait time can be more than an hour.” Yudi has been with Grab for a year, having left his job in construction to try … Read more

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The full-scale and long-term effects of restaurant closures in Indonesia are still unpredictable, even to veterans of the sector like Mullers. “We’ve never seen anything like it,” he says. The Indonesian food-service industry had total revenues of US$41.3 billion in 2018, according to a report by MarketLine, a market intelligence platform. That’s way up from … Read more

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The flipped classroom strategy is a big shift in the usual uni-directional learning pattern. Most schools in India follow a lecture-style pattern. To some extent, live classes can help replicate that. But the virtual classroom needs to be one where students take more charge of their learning. “You need a playlist, a schedule. You’ve got … Read more

Lockdowns generally last 24/48 hours and include selflessness

Her school at home is currently from 8.30 am to 1 pm, and homework comes in the form of Google Sheets. There are initial hiccups, though. “People keep muting the teacher,” she says, laughing. With the extended lockdown and no tests, Amu wonders how her work will be assessed. “There’s still no clarity on that,” … Read more

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Between the second and third week of March, as the Covid-19 infection rate climbed upwards in India’s major metros, almost 1.5 million pre-, primary, and secondary schools were shut down. In one fell swoop, 260 million children—the highest-school going population in the world—were locked out of their physical school setting.

The nationwide 21-day lockdown, imposed on 24 March, has all but confirmed that schools need to change tactics rapidly to stay connected with their students.

Covid-19 is a threatened antibiotic drug

Covid-19 is a threatened antibiotic drug

Across the country, students across grades nine to 12 are either prepping for national competitive exams like JEE and NEET or their board exams—a critical academic juncture that determines what college they get into. Completing the syllabus in time is key. “The priority is to start classes for senior grades, between nine and 12,” says Trisha Ramamurthy, leader of the EKYA chain of schools in Bengaluru. EKYA currently has eight branches across the city.

And if the initial lockdown—meant to end on 15 April—drags on, smaller classes will need assistance too.

Virtual classrooms aren’t simply plug-and-play, though. Schools thrive on structure, timetables, daily attendance, and lesson plans—a meticulous, planned operation that has had to transition online almost overnight.

Schools will now need to go multimodal—a mix of live classes, recorded lessons, physical textbooks, and online tests and questionnaires. A finely orchestrated dance to split a lesson or concept across several modes of learning.

Students attend their virtual classes through a variety of devices

And to do this, Ramamurthy claims, most schools will have to stitch different online tools together—Zoom or Google Hangouts for classes, free scheduling platforms like Moodle, and hardware like low-cost webcams and phones for the delivery.

In the long-term, the lockdown will also act as a habit-changer. Schools might need to tweak their approach even after the classrooms come back in session. Edtech companies such as Byju’s, Toppr, Vedantu, Extramarks, and Meritnation have already made their live classes free for students. Extramarks even pushed up the launch of its school-focused digital product Go-To-School from April to early March.

But as Karthik points out, the challenge isn’t necessarily about getting the right tech. “It’s an adoption challenge. If you’d asked me 10 days ago, I would have said that our tech platform is about transacting better curriculum. At this point, it’s an excuse to provide care,” says Karthik. Ramamurthy agrees, adding that edtech platforms are often too complex to navigate. From never having tested such a platform to teaching on them, it’s too big a jump.

“We can’t start training teachers on these completely new platforms now. They need simple tools to navigate,” says Ramamurthy.

As do students. Amu, a grade 10 student, doesn’t mind her online Zoom classes. Sitting in her bedroom—now a makeshift classroom—Amu is learning about electric currents. An image of a battery flickers onto her screen.

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