Covid-19 is a threatened antibiotic drug

For LEAD School, cheaper smartphones, in the range of Rs 3,000-4,000 ($40-53), and low-cost data plans, have come to the rescue. The institution works with low-income, affordable private schools, where students don’t usually have access to high-grade hardware at home. “We’ve reallocated our staff to double up as teachers,” says Mehta. “They record videos and … Read more

Covid-19 Has Low Interaction Strain With The Body & Allows Patients To Return More Quickly to Their Daily Activities

The flipped classroom strategy is a big shift in the usual uni-directional learning pattern. Most schools in India follow a lecture-style pattern. To some extent, live classes can help replicate that. But the virtual classroom needs to be one where students take more charge of their learning. “You need a playlist, a schedule. You’ve got … Read more

A top priority- R&D with an agnostically innovative approach

The need to build for local conditions has already slowed Xiaomi’s smart product rollout in India. Its smart water purifier, for example, took almost a year to be made fit for Indian conditions. One key difference was that Chinese water purifiers typically slot in below the sink, while in India, they are usually mounted above … Read more

The Xiaomi Brand and the Strategies it Emphasizes on the Indian Market in its Quest to Become a Household Name

But replicating its initial successes will not be straightforward. 5G internet, one of the primary drivers of IoT products, is still a good two years away from deployment in India. The company cannot simply transpose its Chinese portfolio onto India either, given the social, cultural, and environmental differences between the two companies. Hence the Bengaluru … Read more

Go-JEK and the Importance of Monopoly Resources in Indonesia

With Hose’s Silicon Valley background and connections, Coins built a robust tech platform. It had a superior user experience to GCash, with the Mynt executive mentioned above admitting that “Coins’ app three years ago was our app today. Analysis of Billionaire’s Investment in Indonesian Startup Industry Its rivals, meanwhile, were bogged down by corporate cultures … Read more

Why is the Indonesian Government Being so Stubborn About Gojek’s Acquisition of Kartuku

This explains the apparent absence of Coins’ QR code payments in physical establishments such as malls and restaurants. QR code payments require investment from the providers. Typically, big merchants need hardware like a specialised point-of-sale (PoS) machine that’s integrated with their traditional PoS system to scan customers’ dynamic QR codes—generated by mobile apps. Reading Between … Read more