As a marketplace merchant using Tokopedia outside Indonesia, here are the pros and cons of Tokopedia’s new payment types

Tokopedia, which launched in 2009, holds a special place in Indonesian entrepreneurship lore because it was a pioneer in the e-commerce space. Its founder, William Tanuwijaya, is also very relatable. Hailing from a middle-class family in Sumatra, Tanuwijaya is a nerdy first-time entrepreneur who used to work at an internet cafe. Tokopedia consistently upholds the … Read more

How Digital Payments are using “Innovation Economics” Differently in Other Countries

East Venture’s Cuaca, however, denies that SoftBank’s situation plays a role in this at all. “Strategising for a path to profitability happened two years ago, long before the WeWork saga,” he claims. Tokopedia declined to answer any specific questions related to its 2019 strategy and performance. “In 2019, Tokopedia managed to grow revenue by three … Read more

Tokopedia bets on Digital Payments to take on Shopee

Tokopedia is by no means an underdog. It raised over US$1 billion from Japanese investment firm SoftBank and Chinese internet giant Alibaba in 2018, at an estimated valuation of US$7 billion. Joe Tsai, co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, sits on Tokopedia’s board. The firm’s CEO William Tanuwijaya is fundraising and said he … Read more

A top priority- R&D with an agnostically innovative approach

The need to build for local conditions has already slowed Xiaomi’s smart product rollout in India. Its smart water purifier, for example, took almost a year to be made fit for Indian conditions. One key difference was that Chinese water purifiers typically slot in below the sink, while in India, they are usually mounted above … Read more

The Xiaomi Brand and the Strategies it Emphasizes on the Indian Market in its Quest to Become a Household Name

But replicating its initial successes will not be straightforward. 5G internet, one of the primary drivers of IoT products, is still a good two years away from deployment in India. The company cannot simply transpose its Chinese portfolio onto India either, given the social, cultural, and environmental differences between the two companies. Hence the Bengaluru … Read more

The Complete Guide to the ॥Gojek Coins

Former employees that we spoke to, said one thing is clear throughout iflix’s turbulent journey. The goal is to IPO the business—straight out of Grove’s playbook, who is widely hailed as the king of tech IPOs in Southeast Asia. Seeing land According to one former employee, IPO talks have been revived and the startup might … Read more

Mint Condition? GoJek Acquires Sea – Why is everyone so upset?

The company has retreated from being a global player to a regional one and is redirecting its advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) model to three largest Southeast Asian markets: Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The AVOD is taken out of China’s streaming giant iQiyi’s playbook, and it is now the primary revenue source for iflix. … Read more

Why the KenCoin (KEN) Isn’t Mint Condition Despite Their Huge Go-Jek Acquisition

Now, the company is putting its hopes in what seems like a Hail Mary—a pivot from subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) to an advertising-based revenue model. In a December 2019 email announcing his exit, Frenehard told employees this shift had “accelerated the positive momentum” of iflix’s progression towards profitability. Mixed messaging? iflix is investment firm Catcha Group’s … Read more