Go-JEK and the Importance of Monopoly Resources in Indonesia

With Hose’s Silicon Valley background and connections, Coins built a robust tech platform. It had a superior user experience to GCash, with the Mynt executive mentioned above admitting that “Coins’ app three years ago was our app today. Analysis of Billionaire’s Investment in Indonesian Startup Industry Its rivals, meanwhile, were bogged down by corporate cultures … Read more

Why is the Indonesian Government Being so Stubborn About Gojek’s Acquisition of Kartuku

This explains the apparent absence of Coins’ QR code payments in physical establishments such as malls and restaurants. QR code payments require investment from the providers. Typically, big merchants need hardware like a specialised point-of-sale (PoS) machine that’s integrated with their traditional PoS system to scan customers’ dynamic QR codes—generated by mobile apps. Reading Between … Read more

Gojek and Other High-Value Start-Up Acquisitions: A Case-Study in Valuation of Product Leading to Volatility

Besides GCash and PayMaya, Coins is up against a formidable challenger in the form of Gojek’s arch-rival Grab. The Singapore-based company has a virtual monopoly over ride-hailing in Southeast Asia. Its digital wallet GrabPay claims to have seen high double-digit growth in active Filipino users. Interestingly, Grab swooped in with a larger proposal for Coins … Read more

Covids-19 comparative discussion

But like their large consumer startups brethren, these startups might also face valuation and funding challenges sooner or later. “When startups have capital, they don’t feel the need to push the envelope; there are many that can be profitable but choose not to. Now that will change,” echoed a prominent Singapore-based VC, who wished to … Read more

Advantages of Public Markets Producing Covid – 19’s Content

As consumer activities drop, large-scale layoffs are not just a possibility but simply inevitable. The fact that a lot of people are already out of work or face being permanently laid off will shrink discretionary spending with folks saving money for tough days ahead and restricting spending to healthcare and disaster preparations. Across the board, … Read more

How Covid-19 can Benefit Startups on the Go

One could reasonably expect these Sequoia-backed players to be the last ones standing. Sequoia is currently investing out a flagship $8 billion fund that is by far the largest amongst its peers and to wit, it would be almost impossible to find a Sequoia-funded startup that has died due to starvation. And yet, it published … Read more

Nadiem Makarim, New Agile Chief Executive Of Gojek After Leading Their Rise To Global Dominance

On the podcast, Makarim slips into soccer parlance, describing some key individuals at the firm, such as himself, as strikers—the players who score the goals and take risks—while there are others, including merchant head Suliawan, who he sees as defenders. With Makarim moving into politics, Gojek loses one of its most prominent strikers, and an … Read more

Gojek After Nadiem Makarim: How Will His Departure Affect the Company?

It wasn’t until around 2014 that Haryopratomo and Suliawan urged Makarim to go full time with Gojek. It was a good year. Cab company Uber picked up speed; started its Southeast Asian expansion. It launched in Jakarta in August that year. Elsewhere, the Malaysian taxi aggregator app GrabTaxi—now known simply as Grab—had already launched in … Read more